Nutrition counseling for dogs and cat

More and more people are putting thought into their meals in order to stay healthy or get healthy. We put more thought into where our food comes from.

Now, if you are someone like that, think about it: Why should it be any different for dogs and cats? Do you know what your pets’ food really contains and if it really is contains everything your pet needs?

So many cats and dogs are diagnosed with the same illnesses as humans: diabetes, heart diseases, kidney and urinary tract problems, gastro-intestinal diseases, cancer, allergies, …

While with humans it is no secret that one’s diet has an effect on one’s health, there are hardly any studies when it comes to our pets. However, many veterinarians, alternative practitioners for animals and nutrition counselors know, that some diseases can be treated or prevented by changing the animals’ diet.

It is my opinion, that most times a complete dietetic feed of certain brands is not always necessary. That is why I want to help you help your dog or cat.

My services:

  • Nutrional counseling for healthy dogs and cats
  • Nutrional counseling for puppies and kitten
  • Nutrional counseling for overweight/ obese or underweight dogs and cats
  • Nutrional counseling for sick dogs and cats / dietary counseling for dogs and cats
  • BARF-counseling / raw food counseling
  • Pet food check
  • Elimination diet for dogs and cats with possible food allergies or food intolerances

Even though I prefer feeding dogs and cats a raw food diet (B.A.R.F.), I will never insist on my clients to feed their pets that way. Depending on the clients possibilities and means the pets diet can also be adjusted with complete food available in stores. I do, however, not support a dried food died in either dogs or cats.

The cost of my service can be found here.

If you have questions or feedback, please feel free to get in touch with me.


I am not a veterinarian but a trained nutritional counselor for dogs and cats, as well as an alternative practitioner in phytotherapy, mycotherapy, Bach flower therapy and lithotherapy.

For legal reasons, I would like to point out that the advice I give involves scientifically controversial methods and some of these are not recognized or proven by conventional medicine.

The success of the therapy depends heavily on the cooperation of the pet owner.

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